Church Camp

Register for Church Camp!

Go to: (or click on button below) and then click on "REGISTER NOW". The church will pay for your child's registration, and you mare welcome (but certainly not required) to reimburse the church for part of the cost.

Sonshine Camp (incoming 1st & 2nd graders)
June 25-26 (Canyon Camp)
July 16-17 (Canyon Camp)
June 4-5 (Cross Point Camp)

Growing’ in Grace (incoming 3rd - 5th graders)
June 13-15 (Canyon Camp)
July 11-13 (Canyon Camp)
July 15-17 (Cross Point Camp)

Journey Camp (incoming 6th - 8th graders)
June 1-5 (Camp Egan)

CYC Camp (incoming 7th graders - grads)
July 19-23 (Cross Point Camp)

Dayspring South (incoming 9th graders - grads)
July 11-15 (Cross Point)

Youth Force Frederick (incoming 7th graders - grads)
~ Registration for Youth Force is coming soon.~
June 5-10 (our church!)