Join us every Sunday at 10:50 a.m. for an amazing time of worship through songs, a time of prayer, relevant sermons, and the chance to start your week surrounded by an amazing church family!


Our schedules, even our lives can get so jammed full of stuff.  We tend to focus on whatever thing is next on our calendar for the day.  And by the time we go crashing into bed, we pray to fall alseep before we start that same process all over again the next day.   But what if life could be lived differently?  What if life should be lived differently?   Join us for this series as we look at what it means to make room, without jamming more into the day, so taht we can create space for God to work in our lives.  Coudl your life be different than how you are living it right now?

November 5 - Mission - Matthew 28:19

November 12 - Rest - Genesis 2: 2-3

November 19 - Relationships - 1 Thessalonains 2: 7-8

November 26 - God - Ezekiel 11:19

Familiar Christmas Carols play a big part in us getting ready for the Christmas season.  Songs get stuck in our head, and we all have our favorites.   But do you know the back story as to why your favorite Christmas song even exists?  Join us this  month as we explore some popular Christmas songs, how they came to be, and the lessons they can teach us as we explore the true Christmas story.


Dec.3 - 12 Days of Christmas - Matthew 1: 28-15

December 10 - "Out Standing In Their Field" - Children's Christmas Musical

December 17 - O Holy Night - Luke 1: 46-55

December 24 (morning worship) - A Spontaneous Nativity - Luk2 2: 1-20

December 24 - Christmas Eve Communion Candlelight Service 6 p.m. - Silent Night - Luke 2: 1-20

December 31 - Guest Preacher Rev. Barry Bennett